Our Team

As founder of Radiant Cleaners Matt has a vision to see people in Nottingham live life to the full through fair and secure employment


Tina is an excellent member of the cleaning team. She is quick, thorough and efficient. Our clients love her friendly, bubbly personality.


Laura has worked as a cleaner in Nottingham for many years, but has joined Radiant after Covid-19 caused her old job to shrink. We're delighted to have her on the team!


Kirsten’s development has been exciting, she started with us as a cleaner and is now a cleaning team leader, we love watching her progress and look forward to helping her develop further.


Works for Radiant part time alongside doing the intern year at Grace Church. Super versatile and friendly, Joey is hoping to work for the police force in the future!


Bringing years of cleaning experience across Nottinghamshire, Lisa is a great addition to our team, She started working for Radiant when Covid-19 affected her other jobs.


After first being introduced to us through 'Stay & Play' at Grace Church, Gemma works for Radiant part-time now that her daughter has started nursery.



Bekah is our Operations Manager. She arranges all of the jobs and rotas - as well as looking after training and development.


Kamil worked with Matt in his previous business Fruitful Oaks. He is extremely reliable and efficient and his clients love him.


A son of one of our former employees. Marcus saw how much his father enjoyed working for Radiant Cleaners so he applied to join the team.


Andrew is a very experienced and efficient cleaner and works on many of our commercial jobs.


Dan joined the team in spring 2019. He brings his cheerful persona and fantastic work to a whole range of our jobs.


Roger works part time for us and is now able to find time too for his love of coffee, cleaning, social enterprise and theology!


Sharing Matt's vision for Nottingham, Cristina is assisting with business admin and is part of the cleaning team.


Sam is at uni and works for Radiant Cleaners part time, especially at weekends.


Lee has now been employed with us since the summer. He wants to work and have a more positive future and a job. 


Nikki joined Radiant in 2020 and does a range of domestic and commercial jobs, fitting them in around looking after an energetic toddler!



Another of this years interns at Grace Church, Zoe works on a mix of domestic and commercial jobs during the second half of the week.


Laura works part-time for Radiant Cleaners in a range of jobs in Nottingham...and we are glad to have her and her cleaning skills!



Previous Employees

Here is a gallery of our past employees. We'd like to thank everyone who has worked hard to make Radiant Cleaners a success.


Hayley worked for Radiant Cleaners alongside doing an internship at Grace Church. She is now working in a primary school in Nottingham


Along with Hayley, Katie joined Radiant Cleaners in 2018 whilst serving as an intern at Grace Church. Katie now has an office job in Nottingham


Michael was one of our cleaning mentors, he loved working alongside new team member. He is now back home in Bermuda working as a postman. 


Callum worked for us while also spending an intern year at Grace Church. He is now working in Nottingham in the finance sector.


Robin worked for Radiant Cleaners from the beginning, across a wide range of jobs. He is now working as a personal care assistant.


Rachel was part of the team from 2019-20 and has left the team to concentrate on being a new mum.


Ellie worked for us from summer 2019 until December 2020. She left us to move into an admin role working for the NHS. We miss you Ellie!


Tom joined Radiant whist taking a break from uni. He said the opportunity to work came along right when he needed it. Now is has returned to his studies.


This was Tishawn's first job, he worked as part of our commercial cleaning team in the summer of 2018


Bill worked as part of the team that worked on our commercial cleaning jobs. He has now moved away to be closer to family.


Helen was with Radiant Cleaners from the very start, She has now moved to London to start her dream job working as a community organiser for Shelter.


John worked for us when he needed a job in the autumn of 2019 after completing his studies as a mature student.




Nick worked for Radiant alongside his college course from 2018-20. We were delighted to be able to support him, he now works as a qualified electrician.


Hannah loves helping people and worked with Radiant Cleaners as a mentor. She now has a job with CAHMS in Nottingham.


Conor worked for Radiant from 2019-20, including all the way through lockdown! He has now got a full-time job working in his true passion for Warlord Games.


Jonah worked for Radiant Cleaners from the outset. He was a great member of the team and has now started teacher training.


Sam worked for Radiant Cleaners during the summer and autumn of 2019. He now has a job working in design for Next.


Maddie provided essential cover for us during the summer holidays, and is now spending a year working for UCCF.


John worked for us from 2019-20 , cycling to jobs near and far!

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