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Mitrefinch Grand Opening

The Radiant Cleaners and Mitrefinch teams at the grand opening

Matt, Helen, Bill and Annie had a great time at the official opening of Mitrefinch's Nottingham office on the 18th June. Mitrefinch have signed a contract with Radiant Cleaners to provide all the cleaning services for their office. This is an excellent contract for us as it allows us to provide stable work for our employees. It's also of great benefit to Mitrefinch who share our vision to see Nottingham transformed. Their CEO Matt Jenkins says:

"I am so pleased that Mitrefinch are working with Radiant Cleaners. Their work in giving employment opportunities to those who face employment barriers is vital in the community. Their service and vision for transforming lives in Nottingham is something we can really get behind."

You can read Matt's full interview with Matt Jenkins on the Mitrefinch website.

These big contracts are the ones that really allow us to transform the lives of people who have been distant from the job market for a long time.

Do you know a socially responsible employer looking for a cleaning contract who would benefit from working with us? Contact us for more information.

Matt Jenkins and Matt Parfitt shake on the deal

Matt Jenkins and Matt Parfitt shake on the deal

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