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Radiant Cleaners has never been in a better place!

Thanks to Nick Radiant Cleaners has never been in a better place!*

Awesome at managing people and an inspirational role model, Nick joined Radiant exactly 1 year ago. And what an impact his signing has had!

A year of growth, strengthening and partnership building - all while we've been starting our 2nd social enterprise JubileeEvents!

*On the subject of a better place... what a joy it was to spend the morning together at a business event at the City Ground. As a Forest supporter this is my happy place... you can probably guess Nick supports Derby from his face!

Nick is now a great friend and we agree about most things and how important they are - including matters of life and death - but football is not going to be one of them!'

Matt Parfitt- Radiant Cleaners Managing Director

Matt Parfitt and Nick Lomax both wearing Radiant Cleaners branded jackets at Nottingham Forest football ground. Matt looks delighted and Nick looks disgusted
Matt Parfitt and Nick Lomax at Nottingham Forest football ground


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