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Radiant Cleaners has made it onto the front page of the Nottingham Post. We were delighted that the Post wanted to publish a feature about Bill's story from homelessness to employment, and we got an extra surprise when we discovered Bill's face smiling out from the front cover! This is a real encouragement to us. People are understanding the work we do and the potential it has to help the "hard-to-hire" across Nottingham. It's also great to know that our clients are seeing the benefit's as well. John O'Brien, manager of the Malt Cross, said: "It's great to have him [Bill] and see his enjoyment and joy at working and being given this by our colleagues at Radiant Cleaners is great. It's nice t

From Homelessness to Employment- Read Bill's full story here!

Bill came to Radiant Cleaners after 35 years out of work. Last week Matt and Bill stood up in front of over 800 people at the Nottingham Citizens Assembly to share Bill's uplifting story. That evening they were also featured on BBC East Midlands Today. If you missed it, or you only saw the short BBC clip you can read their full interview below. We'd like to say a big thank you to Nottingham Citizens for giving us the opportunity to share such a positive story. We hope this will encourage more businesses across Nottingham to get involved in helping those with significant barriers to employment to find work, and if you're not in a position to offer employment why not consider us for your clean

Radiant Cleaners on East Midlands Today

Matt and Bill attended the Nottingham Citizens Assembly at the Albert Hall where they shared Bills journey from homelessness to employment. The story generated so much interest that it was featured on East Midlands today. See Matt and Bill in their 15mins of fame!

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